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The US consumer packaged goods market was over $1 trillion in 2013 and CPG firms spent over $50 billion seeking to influence that spending. Only a tiny fraction of those dollars went, or are currently going, to mobile. That's because mobile today is where the Internet was a decade ago: Lots of consumer use, not so much advertising. In 2002 Internet advertising represented 4% of ad spend while Americans were spending over 30% of their media time online. A decade later advertising has not only caught up with time spent online, but today actually exceeds it.

For Internet advertising 2002 was a watershed moment. That was the year Google added Pay Per Click to their AdWords platform and in 2003 they generated $1 billion in annual revenue for the very first time. Unlike Yahoo, AOL and everyone else who was supposed to know what they were doing, Google figured out an effective way to connect people who were selling and advertising stuff with people who actually wanted to buy stuff. Today Google generates $5 billion a month in revenue - much of that from their AdWords platform - and has a market cap of $300 billion while Yahoo & AOL struggle to survive.

Which brings us to 2014 and the opportunity in the mobile space... which is a lot like what the Internet adverting space looked like a decade ago. According to Ad Age, while Americans are spending almost 20% of their media time on their mobile devices, advertisers are spending a mere 6% of their advertising dollars there, and for CPG companies the spend is even less.

On perhaps a smaller scale, BrandScanned seeks to mimic Google's effectiveness by connecting CPG firms with consumers in a way they will actually use. Many of the current campaigns run today require consumers to carry around their wrappers or bottle caps until they can go to a website, register and then type in the alphanumeric code into the entry box. Others want users to text that code somewhere in order to enter. Still others actually want customers to call an 800 number, listen to a message, then like a Facebook page! As you might imagine, their participation rates leave much to be desired.

BrandScanned intends to change that by making it easy for consumers to participate in marketer's campaigns and making it worth their while to do so. For marketers we plan on giving brands the kind of data they are seeking with their current campaigns, but are falling short. In addition we will offer them a platform to communicate with known users of their products and give them an opportunity to foster relationships with customers. Such relationships can be used to turn fans into evangelists, to gather data on new products or brand extensions or and to run a vareity of advertising campaigns. Most importantly, they will provide marketers with a compelling tool with which to strengthen brand engagement and drive sales.

We believe our model gives marketers an unprecedented opportunity to engage their customers and build brand loyalty. Our goal is to help marketers connect with their customers, help them build a relationship with their customers and at the end of the day, drive revenue. That is the BrandScanned mission.